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As a result of technological developments, it is a common problem for children to become dependent on smartphones and the internet, avoid social relationships and become introverts. For this reason, Kids’ summer camp programs that change children's perspective on technology and help them make new friends are extremely beneficial for their development. It is possible for children to develop physically, socially and mentally with summer camps away from the family and the internet, with many sports and art activities. However, it is very important to apply to reliable and right addresses in this process.


What are Kids’ Summer Camp Activities?

Kids’ summer camps planned for children of a certain age range are the most fun way to improve children’s relationships, which have become increasingly digitalized today, and to educate children both socially and physically. Children who are away from their families and technology for a certain period of time can learn lessons that will benefit them for a lifetime thanks to the children’s summer camp program, which features different activities and sports activities. Kids’ summer camp, which focuses on teaching communication skills to children who have become withdrawn and asocial, also helps children acquire role models by contributing to the development of their interests. For this reason, Kids’ summer camp, where different learning outcomes are provided, should not be seen as just camping and spending time away from the family.

The content ofKids’ summer camp, which helps children of a certain age to make friends and develop them physically and socially, offers a wide range of activities. Some children’s summer camp programs cater specifically to younger age groups and focus on sporting activities such as basketball, football, volleyball, etc., while others, known as youth camps, include a wide range of activities. In such camps, many different teachings from language education to drama and theater are provided at the same time, children of different age groups are brought together and children are expected to develop themselves in every aspect.

In general, the education offered within the children’s summer camp program varies as follows:

  • English activities are organized to improve children’s language skills and make it easier for them to make new friends from different countries.
  • Spending time in nature keeps children away from technology and provides training in basic nature survival techniques, developing a sense of direction and sensory control.
  • Summer camps in nature allow children to participate in activities of ecology, trekking and scouting, while they develop social skills.
  • Kids’ summer camp training, which includes activities such as map-reading, radio use, getting to know the sky and nature, helps children get acquainted with nature.
  • Sports competitions are organized to help children stand out in areas such as coordination, agility and speed. In this way, children can become predisposed to sports in groups or individually.
  • Poetry, singing, drama and theater classes are offered to help children gain new perspectives on self-expression and interpretation.
  • Most children’s summer camp programs include nightly entertainment and fireside activities to help children socialize.
  • Summer camp programs focus on spending time in nature and include various nature walks, water activities and environmental expeditions. It is important to dress appropriately and follow the group leaders and educators in-charge.
  • Sportive activities organized in different time periods (morning, noon and evening) are among the most important activities of the children’s summer camp program. This aims to get the children to take up sports as a habit.
  • Training such as robotic coding in various technology camps helps children learn how to use technology in a useful way.

The development of sports awareness is as important as the acquisition of social skills in the trainings given during the Kids’ summer camp. For this reason, it is possible to find the ideal summer camp program for your child among the different options offered at GymKids. In our summer camps, which are carefully and meticulously planned by experienced teachers, we include sports activities such as morning sports, swimming, tennis, basketball, archery, gymnastics and ice skating, as well as fun activities such as English, painting, dance, drama, music, chess, robotic coding and cinema. Thus, we focus on each child developing different skills at the same time and having fun.

Benefits of Kids’ Summer Camp

The children’s summer camp is not just about sports activities such as football, basketball and swimming; on the contrary, it is a program that focuses on the development of the child in every aspect. The children’s summer camp, which is specially organized according to the age group, has the following advantages:

  • Children have the chance to get to know and learn about the different sports branches offered within the children’s summer camp and thus spend some quality and fun time.
  • Sports activities help children learn sportsmanship and teamwork.
  • While communicating more easily with their peers, children develop their social skills and learn to treat each other and their elders with respect.
  • Thanks to the children’s summer camp focusing on togetherness, children better understand the importance of cooperation and sharing.
  • Children’s summer camps, which are specially prepared for children of certain age groups and include activities such as drama, poetry and music, enable children to spend quality time and help them learn new hobbies.
  • Understanding that you are an individual on your own is possible with the Kids’ summer camp. In this way, children develop a sense of duty and a sense of freedom.

Thanks to the children’s summer camp, children gain new experiences by having fun in the summer and this helps them to be more determined and hardworking in the next educational period. Additionally, skills such as sharing, cooperation, social communication and self-confidence learned in summer camps help enhance the children’s lifelong development. Summer camps, which support children’s off-school development, also help them gain different perspectives and grow up as empathetic and conscious individuals.

If you would like your child to get a lifelong education, you can call us now to find out more about our upcoming GymKids children’s summer camp programs, which include numerous activities ranging from swimming to tennis, gymnastics to basketball, ice skating to painting. By contacting us, you can get detailed information about GymKids summer camp fees that we offer for parents who want their children to embark on new adventures, make new friends and discover new hobbies during the summer!

Fees of Kids’ Summer Camp

The fees ofKids’ summer campsdesigned specifically for children generally vary according to the nature, duration and content of the camp. For example, nature camps that include only basic activities such as spending time in nature and trekking, and camps that require the use of various equipment and renting a place are priced differently from each other. Therefore, when choosing a summer camp for your child, it is best to contact the company to get detailed information about the camp content, duration, requirements and price. If you want to book a place for fun summer camps now, you can contact us to get information about our year-round Kids’ gymnastics courses.

You can visit one of the GymKids branches for our very special programs that help your child discover new talents and develop new friendships with a Kids’ summer camp for a certain period of time. You can learn about our fun summer camps,Kids’ swimming coursesand much more by paying a visit to one of our branches in Ataşehir, Tarabya and Kağıthane in person or by calling us!

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