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Who areWe?


Gymkids was founded in 2014 with the aim of making children love sports and helping them to take up the habit of doing sports and develop their talents and skills. Until today, we have trained more than 5000 students in many sports branches, especially swimming and gymnastics, and we have witnessed and are witnessing how they easily attain success and discover their different talents on their own with the self-confidence that comes naturally as a result of the physical skills we helped them to develop.

Our expert and experienced staff works devotedly to contribute to the personal, physical and social development of children as well as giving them the habit of doing sports, and we achieve our goal through the cooperation of instructor-student and parents.

We know that success requires trust, experience and cooperation, so we closely monitor the development of our students with our experienced instructors with great devotion and regularly share the information we obtain with the families.

We have made it our mission to act with an innovative work ethic at every stage of our services. As part of our responsibility to society, we prioritize hygiene and health in our trainings, and we prioritize love and respect for our students and families.

At Gymkids, we owe our success first to our children and then to our team who strive for the best every day.

We invite you to spend a pleasant time away from stress and to contribute to the development of our children under the roof of Gymkids in our facilities in many districts of Istanbul, with no problems of commute or parking.

At Gymkids, we know that children who grow up with sports are healthy, strong, hardworking and sociable!