Gymnastics, a sport in which labor, perseverance and discipline are at the forefront, helps children gain various skills. With the children's gymnastics course designed according to the age level, children's physical and mental development is ensured as their movement capacity increases at the same time. However, since gymnastics training is based on body flexibility to a certain degree and is one of the sports branches that cannot be easily adapted to, children's gymnastics course options should be carefully selected.


Weekend Total Number of Groups 8
1 Number of Students in Group 10
Total Capacity 80
Class Hours 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00, 16:00, 17:00

Classes are attended by 2 coaches who are experts in their field.


Weekend Total Number of Groups 7
1 Number of Students in Group 15
Total Capacity 105
Class Hours 12:00, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00, 16:00, 17:00, 18:00

Classes are attended by 2 coaches who are experts in their field.


Weekend Total Number of Groups 8
1 Number of Students in Group 10
Total Capacity 80
Class Hours 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00, 16:00, 17:00

Classes are attended by 2 coaches who are experts in their field.


Importance of Gymnastics for Children

Doing sports for children is important for both physical and mental development, but the children’s gymnastics course, which requires flexibility to a certain degree and is based on technique, is slightly different from other sports branches. Kids’ gymnastics course, to which children are especially recommended to start at a young age, enables them to gain skills such as balance, strength, agility, flexibility, and improve their hand-eye coordination, and nerve-muscle coordination. At the same time, posture and balance problems can be prevented in children who are interested in gymnastics, which strengthens the body and enables children to have an aesthetic appearance and balance their weight and muscle mass according to their height.

Gymnastics training under the control of expert teachers provides positive development in children with posture disorders and helps to take nerve muscle coordination to the top. Additionally, since Kids’ gymnastics courses are organized in groups, they also contribute to the acquirement of the ability to socialize in children who cannot easily communicate. Therefore, children’s gymnastics course, is a comprehensive training program that enables children to be more active and sociable among their peers, helping them to develop as individuals and supporting them in mastering their body better at the same time. For this reason, gymnastics first instills the culture of doing sports in children and then offers them the opportunity to make a conscious choice for the right activities.

The benefits of Kids’ gymnastics courses, which supports the development of awareness while providing physical development in general, can be listed as follows:

  • Gaining balance, strength, agility
  • Gaining flexibility
  • Providing nerve-muscle coordination
  • Developing body awareness
  • Feeling self-confident
  • Easing school stress
  • Strengthening the body
  • Calming the mind
  • Gaining awareness of being an individual
  • Working as a group
  • Developing sharing skills

How do we provide Kids’ Gymnastics Training?

The Kids’ gymnastics course, provided with the aim of developing the bodies of the children and turning them into more social and outgoing individuals, consists of comprehensive trainings designed by a specific training center. In general, the aim of the children’s gymnastics course is to instill happiness in children, to help them increase their flexibility and gain strength, and to provide physical development that appeals to them in a fun environment. The Kids’ gymnastics course, which solves balance problems, especially in children who experience them; also focuses on the learning of movements that appeal to boys and girls and help develop professional athlete ethics.

Basically, Kids’ gymnastics course is one that is not suitable for those above a certain age limit and should generally be started at an early age. Preschool children over 3 years old are eligible to start gymnastics. For this reason, it is recommended to get children to start the Kids’ gymnastics course before their body type comes into the picture so that trainings for different ages can be provided with the organized course. Especially in hyperactive children, it is necessary to carry out activities that will ensure mobility and support their natural development with special programs prepared according to their age groups. It is also important that there is no health problem that prevents children from doing stretching in Kids’ gymnastics course, which stands out with its advantages such as positive progress in children in many respects and its additional benefits for them.

Before the gymnastics training for children, which are designed for different age groups, children who wish to, can participate in the preparation program and in this way, it can be determined in a more sound manner which children are suitable for which children’s gymnastics course. Following that, flexibility, balance and strength exercises can be started with the most ideal group for the child’s age and level. Starting from the basic level, the Kids’ gymnastics course progresses gradually and provides physical development while also helping to establish mental coordination.

Gymnastics Course Options for Children

Kids’ gymnastics courses, which are generally suitable for the early age group, are basically divided into two. Children’s gymnastics course options, which are categorized as rhythmic and artistic, are also sub-categorized according to age and body flexibility. Thus, your children who love sports can have the ideal body composition, and muscle and strength balance with gymnastics training. At Gymkids, we provide training in both gymnastics branches, thus contributing to positive development in children with posture problems. We provide training with expert trainers in Istanbul gymnastics course groups in Kağıthane, Tarabya and Ataşehir branches, and we help maintain healthy child development. We organize a comprehensive children’s gymnastics course program for your children, who become more agile, balanced and coordinated with this program that strengthens their immune system, improves their concentration and accelerates learning.

  • The choice of gymnastics branch is based on the recommendation of the branch instructors and the preference of the parents.
  • Rhythmic gymnastics is the most popular children’s gymnastics course option. While this branch stands out especially for flexibility; it also addresses training for swiftness, strength and agility.
  • Artistic gymnastics is known as a children’s gymnastics course especially preferred by boys and is planned according to the child’s predisposition. General training, on the other hand, focuses on the transition to an advanced level after learning basic movements and requires the use of various tools individually. It enables children to improve themselves in areas such as strength, balance, flexibility, coordination and focus.

You can contact us to get detailed information about our Istanbul gymnastics course programs, which are designed by expert coaches and organized in groups of 10-15 people.

Fees for Istanbul Kids’ Gymnastics Course

The Kids’ gymnastics courses, which lead to raising awareness and development in children in many respects, vary according to body composition and age group. In gymnastics, a branch suitable for children above the age of 4, it is necessary to carry out activities that will ensure mobility in preschool children and support their natural development with special programs designed according to their age groups. This is only possible by providing the control of the right instructor and employing the right teaching techniques.

In general, the fees of the gymnastics courses vary according to many factors such as the total duration of the course, the course program, and the number of trainees. For example; it is normal to encounter varying fees between4 years old gymnastics course and 6 years old gymnastics course depending on the scope and the qualifications of the program or needs of the child. You can contact us to get detailed information on the children’s gymnastics course designed with the help of expert coaches at Gymkids and can support the development of your children’s command perception, strength and balance skills.

We solve postural disorders and balance problems, strengthen the body and provide muscle development with the detailed training program we provide within the Gymkids Kids’ gymnastics course, which appeals to both boys and girls. We also organize Kids’ summer camp programs to help children stay fit and feel vigorous, thus aiming to increase their school success. You can get all the details on the Kids’ gymnastics course, which helps children to grow up as healthy individuals and to be successful by feeling physically and mentally well, by contacting us.

Ranging from Kids’ swimming course programs that train all body muscles to children’s gymnastics course that focus on flexibility and balance, you can visit us now for special trainings that help children develop sports awareness and socialize!

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